Presentation Coaching Sessions


Presentations come in many sizes and situations

Do you need to persuade:

  • A customer to buy?
  • A committee to act?
  • A small or large group to consider your point of view?
  • Your students to stay motivated?


In a personal presentation coaching session, Claire helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses in preparation, style and delivery. Her positive coaching method centers on bringing out your own natural style. Working together, you will develop the skills that will make you feel comfortable, confident, effective and alive in your presentations.

Most people already have many of the tools needed to be good speakers. But as in tennis or golf, they may need an expert who can take a step back and say, “Keep your head down and don’t forget to follow through.”

For groups, Claire offers an introduction to these concepts, with a talk entitled "Hey! Is Anybody Listening? Speaking So Everyone Listens." This light, practical and interactive 45- minute session can be tailored to your group’s needs.

You will learn how to:

  • Connect with your natural energy
  • Look relaxed and confident
  • Increase your vocal variety and authority
  • Sustain eye contact
  • Move with purpose
  • Choose your wardrobe
  • Overcome performance anxiety
  • Use slides, props and visual aids effectively